About Us

Just like our sunglasses, our story is quite straightforward: we’re a group of avid runners with a combined 50 years of working in the sports industry that grew tired of seeing unnecessary gimmicks and high prices on products that should be focused on functionality and comfort. Most of us aren’t ever going to be paid to go out and run, so the priority should be on enjoying the moment and our sport, not having the most high-tech expensive gear.


Our aim was to provide sunglasses that are durable and offer the right balance of performance, simplicity and price. We focused on key features such as polarized lenses for UV400 protection, non-slip grip pads, and slide-free coating – everything a runner needs to keep their eyes protected and comfortable. We want our sunglasses to last and to be versatile enough to be able to wear them during your tenth marathon or while having a drink with friends on a sunny day, so we kept the styles timeless and classes.


At SØNA we pride ourselves on being a brand that values realness, simplicity, and affordability. We strive to ensure that every runner and outdoor enthusiast can enjoy their sport to the fullest with sunglasses that are built to last, perform well, and look good.


Enjoy the journey (or the destination), and forget about the complexity of the gear.